Terms and Conditions

We would ask that you please advise us within 48 hours if you are unhappy with our service as we will be able to work quickly and effectively to remedy the situation.

As we pride ourselves on the quality of all the work we undertake we are happy to offer 100% guarantee. If you are not entirely satisfied we will assess your situation and if we feel that we are at fault will do all we can to rectify.


Our Staff


Staff are trained to work in the most efficient and advanced cleaning technique to ensure that we clean your home in a quick and thorough manor. In the majority of cases our staff will work in teams of two but we reserve the right to change the number of workers to suit a specific job. Any changes we need to make we will notify you of prior to arrival.

All staff will display their uniforms clearly so you can quickly identify who they are. All of our staff will remain professional at all times and will adhere to our training and working practices which are designed to adhere to and comply with all applicable health and safety regulations.

We will endeavour to provide you with the same team of people where possible. However due to circumstances out of our control suck as holidays and sickness we will always give you prior notice if your usual team cannot make it and give you the option to use other members of staff or re-schedule.




We have public liability insurance and also employer’s liability for up to £1,000,000 to protect your home and our staff. The policy carries an access and does not cover minor accidents or breakages; these will be covered directly by Coventry Cleaning Solutions.


Hazardous substances


We will only use bleach and other abrasive products at the customers own request and risk




For domestic cleaning we ask that all payment is made on the day of the service. We will only accept cash or cheque as other payment methods carry high surcharges which we would have to pass on to the customer.

For commercial cleaning projects we will specify a payment schedule for each job.


Our Obligations


We will treat your home with the upmost care and respect and carry out the service you specify to the best of our abilities.


You’re Obligations


We would ask that you ensure your premises are safe for our staff to work in e.g. ensuring that all electrical appliances are safe and all fixtures and fittings such as wardrobes, cupboards etc… are securely fitted. We would also ask that you ensure access to your property at the designated times or full payment will be required if no prior cancellation.




We would ask that you allow 2 full working days notice if you wish to cancel a particular clean. Providing we have 2 full working days notice we will simply re-schedule the appointment. Should notice fail to be given within 2 full working days we will ask for 50% cancellation charges for 1 full working day and 75% for same day cancellation. Should a member of staff arrive and you are simply not there you will be expected to pay the full amount.

We do however except that sometimes certain circumstances will prevent you from letting us know you need to cancel and we are happy to consider individual circumstances. Should we deem your circumstances to be acceptable we will be happy to re-schedule without any additional charge.




Contracts are specific to each customer; we do not tie you into a specific contract time for domestic cleaning. Should you wish to cease using us you are only required to give us 2 full working days notice. This does not applyto Commercial Cleaning.